Future Army Doctors

29 Jul , 2014  


By Tanner Cole Feature Photo by Katie Gray Every platoon of the Leader Development and Assessment Course is full of future Army officers, but the fourth platoon of Bravo Company, 12th Regiment is full of future Army doctors. Five young men in the platoon all share the common dream of serving in the medical field. …read more


Chaplain Visits Regiment 13

28 Jul , 2014  

IMG_9585 copy

By Whitney Allen The Chief of the Chaplain Corps visited Fort Knox this week and talked about the many facets of his service in the Army. Chaplain (Major General) Donald Rutherford visited LDAC cadets in the 13th Regiment at the Hand Grenade Assault course and spent time with the chaplains and chaplain candidates at the …read more


9 & 10 Commissioned

27 Jul , 2014  

US Army Photo by Melissa Scott

By Whitney Allen   The end of LDAC is the beginning of a journey for 39 cadets of the 9th and 10th regiments.  On July 25 the cadets were commissioned and will now serve the Army as second lieutenants. While some of the cadets were enlisted prior to going through the ROTC program, the majority …read more


Graduation is the first of many milestones for cadets of the 9th and 10th regiments

26 Jul , 2014  

By Whitney Allen Feature Photo by Melissa Scott Nine hundred sixteen cadets stood in formation for the last time as a unit when cadets of the 9th and 10th Regiments of LDAC graduated on July 26 at Brooks Field. Following the opening prayer and national anthem, Brigadier General (promotable) Peggy Combs, Commanding General of Army …read more


Auburn University Prepares Cadets for LDAC​

24 Jul , 2014  

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By: Whitney Allen Photo By: Melissa Scott Unlike LTC cadets, those in LDAC arrive on day one knowing what to expect. Although no one knows the gritty details, cadets are aware of the general subjects on which they will be evaluated.  Despite knowing the basics of physical fitness tests, ruck marches, and land navigation, cadets …read more

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Cadet Najafy

23 Jul , 2014  

  Story by DeJanay Booth Videos by Shelby Higgins Afghanistan to America Cadet Najafy arrived late at night at the training site.  He walked into his room, trying to get settled, and woke up his battle buddy, Steven Rohrig.  Lights were out and Rohrig was disturbed by Najafy’s movement as he was putting his bed …read more


Four Star General shares metaphors, wisdom, rank

23 Jul , 2014  

  Story by Kayla Boyd Feature Photo: General David Perkins ate lunch and talked with ROTC cadets of the 7th regiment during his visit to Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Harrison Hill, Cadet Summer Training Public Affairs.  General David Perkins is quite the decorated officer. A 1980 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West …read more


Platoon Operations

23 Jul , 2014  

Cadets from Bravo Company, 4th platoon try to arrest their high value target. Photo by Melissa Scott

By Whitney Allen Yellow smoke and the sound of gunfire filled the air as members of the 9th Regiment of LDAC conducted a raid during Platoon Operation training. The platoon invaded terrain held by a hypothetical terrorist group known as SAPA forces. SAPA put up a strong defense, but was ultimately defeated by the cadets. …read more


Firing Weapons Benefit the Cadets

23 Jul , 2014  

US Army photo by Josh Newell

Firing weapons benefited the cadets’ future roles by DeJanay Booth   Cadets scanned the range that laid before them.  Lanes were numbered from left to right, and red and blue targets were spread out.  Now in the prone position, ready to fire their weapon, they held them steady, directing their eyes to the targets.  Shots …read more


Cadets to Cadre: Crossing over

22 Jul , 2014  

  Kayla Boyd             Spending 29 days in the woods of Fort Knox, Ky. going through Leader Development and Assessment Course is one thing. But agreeing to become a cadre member for a Leader Training Course company is something else entirely. Taisean Andrews of Prairie View A&M in Houston, Texas graduated from 5th Regiment of …read more