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ROTC Cadet determined to continue family’s military tradition

U.S. Army photo by Cydney McFarland

U.S. Army photo by Cydney McFarland

For some Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Cadets, joining the Army is a means to help pay for their college tuition. Other Cadets join from a deep sense of patriotism and desire to serve one’s country. Yet, for others like 4th Regiment Cadet Cedric Street from Tampa, Fla., it stems from a long history of family members serving in the military.

Street attends the University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla. as a communication major. With all of his mother’s siblings in the military as well as his father, grandfather and great grandfather, Street is determined to continue this tradition of military excellence.

“My family has been a big, big factor in my future to take up arms to serve our country,” said Street. “They’ve been the sole driver in everything I do.”

Street is hoping that his time at the 2013 Leader Development and Assessment Course this summer will validate the past three years of training he’s undergone at his school. In his free time, Street enjoys working out and doing extra training as well.

Street came to LDAC looking forward to further his development as a future Army leader, but also to form new friendships with other Cadets for networking opportunities down the road as a commissioned officer.

“I hope to have gained some more knowledge and tricks of the trade,” said Street. “But also, I hope I’ve made some new friends. To build a network now is pretty awesome.”

For Street, the weather and climate change will pose the biggest problem this summer. Coming from the sunny weather in South Florida to the cool rainy climate of the Northwest is something he isn’t looking forward to. The good thing for Street is that he was aware coming into the Army’s largest intra-continental training exercise that he needed to be prepared for anything.

In the end though, Street knows that this is just one step on a long journey as a future career leader in the Army.

“I want to become a career officer in the future,” said Street. “I’m in this for the long haul.”

Story by Allie Pasdera.

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