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Last Group of LDAC Arrive in Fort Knox

by DeJanay Booth

Photo By: Josh Newell

The last group of Cadets of Leader Assessment and Development Course (LDAC) arrived on Sunday for their 29-day Army ROTC Cadet Summer Training.

The Louisville International Airport filled with Cadets as they grabbed their bags and checked in with the cadre at the table.  They then took their belongings to a moving truck before walking to the front and standing in formation.  In a single-file line, they marched to the buses for a ride to Fort Knox, Ky.

This is the last of the 13 regiments for the 29-day training this summer.  This is the first year that LDAC Cadets are trained in Fort Knox, making history.  In past years, LDAC was conducted in Fort Lewis, Washington.

Staff Sgt. Nesby Flynn, from Fort Bliss, Texas, helped process the Cadets since the first regiment arrived.  Flynn said the first time of processing was challenging but she became familiar with it.

“It’s been an experience for me just like it’s an experience for them,” Flynn said.  “I think most of them are very nervous because they are not really sure what to expect.”

During the 45-minute drive to Fort Knox, some of the Cadets talked to the person sitting next to them while some took a nap to regain their energy.

Once on Fort Knox, the bus took the Cadets to their regimental area to be processed. By the end of the night, they said goodbye to their civilian clothes and had changed into their uniforms.

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