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Nine and Ten Begin


US Army photo by Melissa Scott

Nine and Ten Begin

By Whitney Allen


“Keep up the fire!” LDAC cadets chanted at the conclusion of their activation ceremony this week, marking the beginning of training for the 9th and 10th Regiments of LDAC.

Colonel Kevin Kugel of Providence College in Rhode Island addressed the cadets: “You are all here because you have potential to lead soldiers,” Kugel said. “LDAC is not the endpoint but one more milestone in your journey.”

The majority of cadets will return to their ROTC program for one more year following LDAC, and a few will commission immediately following their training.

While the cadets are anticipating their future military careers, cadets of the 10th Regiment were able to see one of their superiors reach a milestone of his own.

Master Sgt Elvin Johnson was promoted from Sgt 1st Class following the 10th Regiment activation ceremony.


US Army Photo by Melissa Scott

Johnson has served in the Army for sixteen years and was commended for his hard work by Colonel Lawrence Anyanwu, the Chief of Staff of Cadet Summer Training. Anyanwu advised the cadets to follow Johnson’s example. “If you listen to him, you too will do well,” Anyanwu said.

“It’s a great feeling jumping from E-1 to Master Sergeant; the leadership has been a good inspiration for me. I want to take all of the knowledge I have and go forward with them,” Johnson said, gesturing to the Cadets.

With the formalities of in-processing and activation ceremonies complete, the cadets will jump into training full force this week.

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