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Final LDAC Graduation Ever

Last LDAC bid farewell to Cadet Summer Training

By DeJanay Booth

The sky was gloomy and rain cascaded down like a waterfall. However, despite the weather conditions, the 500 cadets of Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) 13th Regiment graduated at Sadowski Field House on Aug. 11, ending the Cadet Summer Training of 2014.

Family and friends sat in the bleachers, hoping to see their loved ones in formation.  Flashes from their cameras popped around the room as they took pictures.

“I think I see him,” one family member said, pointing.  A big smile spread across her face as she looked out on the floor where the cadets were.

To present the “Three Pillars of Service”, a bass drum replaced the cannon used outside at Brooks Field, but still made a loud noise, getting the point across.  Four cadets — Kyle Bouchard, Shkeila Milford, William Jones and Jessica Zdrowak — were awarded for their dedication and leadership.

Brig. Gen. Promotable Peggy Combs, the commanding general of U.S. Army Cadet Command, stood before the cadets and delivered her final speech to LDAC, giving them words of encouragement and advice.

“I’ve got one thing to say and it’s only three letters.  And that is wow,” she said.

History was made this year when LDAC was conducted in Fort Knox for the first time.  LDAC 13 arrived on July 13 as the last regiment to step foot on base.  In Comb’s speech, she commended the cadets for the hard work that they put in, ending on a “high note.”

Cadet Alixandra Powers from Northeastern University in Boston, led the cadets throughout the ceremony, and Cadet John Han from Pennsylvania State University recited the Cadet Creed.

“Ma’am this concludes the ceremony,” Powers said to Combs as she stood and saluted.  Combs smiled and returned the salute.

“Impeccable job,” she told to the future Army officer.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Powers smiled.

The cadets marched out of the building immediately following the ceremony, got on buses, changed into civilian clothes and out-processed.  As family and friends walked out of the field house, Combs turned toward Col. Samuel Williams, the commander for Task Force Warrior.

“Well it’s a wrap,” she said shaking his hand. “This is it.  The final LDAC.”


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