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Cadet Spotlight: Brandon Jordan

By DeJanay Booth


Family First, Family Last, Family Always


Brandon Jordan’s family did not make it to his graduation but they will see him again at the end of July.

On Friday, July 3, Brandon Jordan and hundreds of cadets from 1st Regiment Cadet Leader Course (CLC) completed Cadet Summer Training, ending it off with a graduation. Becoming an Army officer is only half of what he wanted to do. He wanted to encourage others.

Jordan is the third generation of his family to join the Army and his motivation came from his family. One person in particular, Jordan said, is one of the main reasons he was passionate about serving.

“Family is a big part of why I joined,” said the Indiana University student.

Jordan’s father had visions of joining and took part in JROTC in high school. But when he was tested for his hearing during a physical, he failed it and learned that he was partially deaf. Jordan said he feels he is living out that dream for himself and his father. After he became involved in the ROTC, his sister decided to join.

“It’s inspiring to see that my actions lead others to see that it is not a bad route to go through the military. It’s actually a good way to go.”

When Jordan told his family about his decision, they were supportive. Family members from his mother and father’s side have been in the military. As the oldest of four children, his main concern was setting an example for his siblings. His youngest brother, aged 8, said he wanted to join and bought an Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

“It makes me think I’m going in at a good path,” he said.

Jordan arrived in Fort Knox, Kentucky, on June 3, spending 29 days of his summer building leadership and directional skills. He will stay to help cadets in Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET).

“I just have to keep pushing hard through the challenge whether it’s training or at school,” he said. “It’s nice to have that reminder in the background that there is someone supporting what I’m doing.”


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