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Maj. Gen.  Conboy Offers Pearls of Wisdom

By: Adrienne Vititoe

Saturday night Maj. Gen. David Conboy spoke to Regiment 5 CLC cadets about the path they were on as future Army officers and offered pearls of wisdom he had acquired over the years.

Conboy addresses CLC Fifth Regiment cadets in Olive Theater.

Conboy addresses CLC Fifth Regiment cadets in Olive Theater. U.S. Army photo by Aly Kruse

Conboy started by reviewing the “Three C’s” of the Army profession:




He went on to say that the final trait, character, is most important.

Next, Conboy spoke about the seven most prized Army values:




Selfless service



Personal courage.

After covering the basics, Conboy went on to speak about what else it took to be a successful leader in the Army. Conboy directed cadets to:

always do their best.

“Every job I had I just tried to the best that I could,” Conboy said.

Understand and use mission command concepts by having disciplined initiative.

Know and care for their soldiers and their families.

Model and enforce standards .

Search out the hard jobs.

“I always sought out the hardest jobs,” Conboy said.

Create a positive command climate.

Be flexible and resilient.

“Despite the best planning, sometimes things change,” Conboy said.

Set their successors up for even greater success.

Attribute success to others.

Take responsibilities for failures and learn from mistakes.

Be ready.

“Readiness is the number one priority,” Conboy said.

Be a good follower.


have empathy.

Conboy said this final trait is one that is often downplayed or overlooked but is actually very important. To be a good leader, it is important to show how much you care.

Conboy closed his speech with these words: “You truly are the future of the Army,” Conboy said. “And that makes me very pleased.”

At the end of the night Conboy called a cadet on stage to do push-ups with him and some of the cadet’s friends came up as well to support him. The entire audience cheered as roughly 15 cadets cranked out as many push-ups as they could. Afterward, some of them were awarded a coin from the general.


Cadets do push-ups onstage with Conboy. U.S. Army photo by Aly Kruse






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