Advanced Camp

The Soldier Bond

By: Lindsey Ross

FORT KNO07_26_2015_wkolb_guestspeaker_0018_smallX, Ky—Pen scratches could be heard throughout Olive Theater Sunday as hundreds of cadets scribbled notes. Book titles, motivational quotes and career advice were all put on paper.

Brig. Gen. James Iacocca provided cadets with the information. His task was to deliver a motivational farewell speech to the seventh regiment of Cadet Leadership Course (CLC). The cadets graduate from summer training Tuesday.

As CLC graduates, the cadets will commission as second lieutenants after their senior year of college. The brigadier general touched on an important second lieutenant duty.

“…know about your soldiers and their families,” said Iacocca.

Cadet Summer Training (CST) gave cadets a chance to practice this task. They arrived to Fort Knox, strangers, and trained together.

“It was very similar to how the actual Army will be. You are forced to work together, but you make the best of it,” said Cadet Adam Garbiel, a rising senior at Coe College.

During training, cadets not only bonded with each other but also with cadre. A group of cadre members were assigned to specifically work with cadets of the seventh regiment. Together, they completed rifle training, rappelling, land navigation, etc.

“The cadre would interact with us every chance they got,” said Gabriel. “Y07_26_2015_wkolb_guestspeaker_0003_smallou start to form bonds.”

Cadets leave Fort Knox to travel home Tuesday. Africa and the United States are two places some of the seventh regiment cadets call home.

“CLC brings people from different walks of life, backgrounds and cultures. It puts everyone together in one melting pot,” said Cadet Shanita Bailey, a student at Virginia State University.

For many of the cadets, saying goodbye to their new comrades will be difficult.

“We are like a family. We are going to miss each other,” said Bailey.

Cadets trained together for 30 days.

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