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1st Regiment begins 30-day Cadet Training

FORT KNOX, KY. 1st Regiment Cadet Leaders Course (CLC) Cadets went through in-processing at the Copple Center to kick off their 30-day summer training cycle on Fort Knox, June 1, 2016.

Lt. Col. Patrick Donahue, 1st Regimental Training Officer (RTO), said that in-processing is important for accountability and administrative purposes. As the RTO, he is accountable for the successful training of 600+ cadets from across the country. Donahue defines successful cadet summer training as both personal and professional growth.


Cdt. Isaiah Carlton, 21, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, waits for paperwork during in-processing.

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets must complete CLC prior to becoming commissioned officers in the United States Army. Cadets typically attend the course between their Junior and Senior years of college.

Cadre members of ROTC programs from universities across the country work various stations of to insure each Cadet’s information is correct. Brandi Martin, Cadet Summer Training S1 Stats Team Lead, explained the role that in-processing plays in the Cadet Summer Training (CST) Experience.

“We come from all different universities to support our cadets, especially here at in-processing as we work to take care of them and their logistical needs so they can just focus on their training.”

Stations include records checking for accurate information, verification of  follow-on training assignments such as Airborne or Air Assault School and finance where Cadre insure personal information is correct.

Cdt. Lea Alejandro from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, expressed excitement towards CLC training and future experiences within the next 30 days. In preparation for summer training, Alejandro participated in her school’s ROTC training and studied different tactics. While a little nervous about assessment at all times, she is looking forward to building on her  leadership style and receiving feedback. Alejandro feels more prepared having attended Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) and having the opportunity to develop her soldiering skills. She looks forward to commissioning in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Alejandro said that her family support and knowing that they are proud of her is what motivates her to continue on the path to fulfilling her goal of becoming an officer in the United States Army.


1st Regiment CLC Cadets in-process prior to summer training at the Copple Center.

While this is Donahue’s first CST, Regimental Sgt. Major, Master Sgt. Christopher Bush is now on his third Cadet Summer Training mission.

“Watching cadets learn and grow throughout the summer as their leadership style develops, improves and changes is the most rewarding part of the training,” said Bush.

In-processing is a very important step in the CST experience for Cadets like Alejandro and cadre members such as Donahue to tackle logistical needs up front so they can focus on training at Fort Knox. When Cadets and Cadre are focused on the mission, an environment develops optimal learning and growth. Over the next two months, 16 more regiments will in-process before tackling a rigorous summer training cycle.



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