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Cadet Confidence Course Training Ensures Trust and Leadership

By: Brooke Durbin

FORT KNOX, KY. (June 6, 2016)- Cadets navigated a rigorous obstacle course testing their trust and confidence in one another this weekend during summer training.

Cdt. Bossler, Norwich Univertsity leaps over the Inclining wall.

Cdt. Bossler, Norwich Univertsity leaps over the Inclining wall.

We have nine obstacles on the course, it’s basically the first part of CLC (Cadet Leader Course) for them. They’re trying to form their team and learn about each other. As they go through these obstacles they’re starting to learn about how they can trust each other and have confidence in one another to build that team and leadership development. It’s what we’re stressing with the cadets as they go through each obstacle to cheer each other on and to push themselves so they know they can do more than they think they can, that’s the main goal,” said Sgt. 1st class James Anderson.

Each Cadet was placed into a team of eleven people and assigned with a squad leader charged with movement  from point A to point B.

Compared to what he expected it to be, Dawson Frazer from Midlothian, Texas, University of Oklahoma stated, “it’s a pretty standard obstacle course so a lot of us that have been through some sort of training have seen most of it before. It doesn’t make it any less challenging because each task is physically demanding.”

Frazer and Cdt. Stephanie Parlamas, from Odem, Texas, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, were in agreement about the Weaver being the most difficult.

“The weaver was challenging because it was full upper body strength to hold yourself and go in and out and then down as well,” noted Parlamas. 

Cdt. Michel, Claflin University South Carolina State, maneuvers through the Weaver skill at Fort Knox.

Cdt. Michel, Claflin University in South Carolina, maneuvers through the Weaver skill at Fort Knox. Photo by Angel Whittle.

As Cadets make their way through summer training, many challenging tasks lie ahead. The Confidence Course teaches them how to trust one another and motivate each other to keep pushing through when times are tough.

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