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Central Issuing Facility: Last Stop of Training for 2nd Regiment Cadet Leaders Course (CLC)

FORT KNOX, Ky.- 2nd Regiment Cadet Leaders Course (CLC), Charlie and Delta Company Cadets turned their training equipment in to Central Issuing Facility (CIF) at Harmon Hall, June 30.

2nd Regiment CLC arrived at Fort Knox on June 5. Their training begins and ends with issue and return. Gear includes bags, canteens, wet weather ponchos, helmets, belts, etc. Whatever the Cadets do not have upon arrival, they are supplied.


Cdt. Joshua Jackson, Central State University, 2nd Regiment Cadet Leaders Course (CLC) turns in field gear at CIF gear drop at Fort Knox, Ky, on June 30. Photo by Ariana Aubuchon

Many of the Cadets were all smiles, knowing that CIF is the last big stop before family day and graduation. Cdt. Morgan Grace of Delta Company 2nd Platoon, from University of North Alabama, was excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“This is really the last thing to finish training and i’m really happy about being able to see my mom at family day and graduate. I feel much different than the beginning of training; more experienced,” Grace said.

She was not the only one to use CIF turn-in as a time of reflection. Cdt. Byung Jung of Charlie Company 2nd Platoon, Georgia State University, contemplated his experience at CLC.

“After the intense training, field work and interacting with other Cadets, I feel like I am earning the rank of 2nd Lt. I’m really proud of myself and all the other Cadets. Taking care of your equipment, scrubbing it down and getting it ready for inspection and return takes discipline and attention to detail which are important attributes of an officer. I’ve enjoyed the challenges and everything I’ve learned at CLC but it’s the best feeling ever to know we’re turning in our equipment and going into family day,” Jung added.


Cdt. Charles Newsom, 2nd Regiment Cadet Leaders Course (CLC), North Carolina State University, drops his cleaned field gear off at CIF in Fort Knox, Ky on June 30. Photo by Ariana Aubuchon

Cadets were brought in, lined up in alphabetical order and rotated stations with specific items to return. If any of the gear is not clean to CIF standards, the Cadets are shuffled into the shake down station to further clean the equipment for inspection and return. It’s no secret that the Cadets are anxious to get through but they still have to keep their mind on the task at hand.

Master Sgt. Anthony Etheridge, Regimental Sgt. Maj. and Senior Military Instructor at West Virginia University ROTC, said that their mission isn’t over yet.

“I enjoyed watching the Cadets develop their leadership and soldier skills throughout training. The Cadets are feeling accomplished having gone through training and faced obstacles like the heat. Many of them are ready to get through and see their families but i’m looking for continued motivation and discipline. We can’t stop short. We still have to make sure that all of our equipment is clean and in good shape,” Etheridge said.

After successfully returning all of their equipment, 2nd Regiment CLC will have family day June 31 before graduating and departing Fort Knox, July 1.



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