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Soldier Readiness Processing ensures Cadets are healthy, ready for summer training

Fort Knox, Ky. — To ensure that the Cadets are healthy for summer training, they must have a health screening in Rockenbach Hall, where the soldier readiness processing is located.


“Soldier Readiness Processing is important for all soldiers, especially the cadets because they are just starting to get a taste of the physical needs required of them as a soldier,” said Specialist Adam Schoneman.


Upon arrival, they go to the medical check-in station where they receive paperwork to be filled out. Afterwards they get their vitals checked. This includes blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse monitoring. Upon completion, blood is drawn and tested for diseases and immunizations are given if needed.



Cadet Tiffany Phan, of University of Arkansas, gets paper work checked for Cadet Leaders Course at Fort Knox before starting the Soldier Readiness Processing physical. Photo by: Kasey Ricketts

Cadets have five vials of blood drawn. The lab tests cadets for ETOH (alcohol levels), Hepatitis A and B, MMRV (measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella), HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and DNA.


Each day the Soldier Readiness Processing center sees approximately 360 cadets as the regiments arrive.


“The most complicated part of SRP is working as a team to make sure the whole process flows evenly,” said Schoneman.
SRP isn’t just for cadets. All military members must be in compliance in order to meet mission readiness.

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