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4th Regiment Advanced Camp Commissioning Ceremony Celebrations

FORT KNOX, Ky. – The 4th Regiment Advanced Camp Commissioning Ceremony took place at Waybur Theater July 15. Friends and family witnessed nine Cadets officially become second lieutenants.


Col. Lars Wendt presents the commissioning certificate to 2nd Lt. Felipe De Jesus Borunda at Fort Knox, Ky., July 15. Photo by Lora Sparks

Sgt. Maj. Marc W. Stevenson, from Virginia Tech University, said commissioning ceremonies are something that Cadets will remember throughout their career.

“This is the biggest moments of their lives, their careers. This is the highest honor an officer can have,” Stevenson said.


Cdt. Kathleen Ann Kramas, Tulane University, is commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army at Fort Knox, Ky., June 15. Photo by Lora Sparks

The ceremony opened with a warm welcome from the Cadre to friends and family of the new second lieutenants. A sequence of timeless Army traditions occurred after, such as the national anthem, the oath of office, the unveiling of gold bars and the first salute. Loved ones of the new second lieutenants had the honor of unveiling the gold bars on the uniforms of the new Officers.

After the gold bars are revealed, the second lieutenants render their first salute as commissioned Officers. The first salute is a tradition that dates back to the early 1800s. New officers were assigned an enlisted advisor and in exchange for the salute, they pay their advisors a silver dollar. Finally, Col. Lars Wendt presented the second lieutenants with their commissioning certificate.

With a bright future ahead, the new officers left to enjoy the day with their loved ones.

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