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A Look into CST Combat Support Hospital

FORT KNOX, Ky. (July 21, 2016) – Military life and medical go hand-in-hand more often than anyone would prefer, however, when help is needed it is important that medical care be close by. The Combat Support Hospital medical detachment out of Fort Hood, Texas, has come to Cadet Summer Training to be that important medical support.

With more than 10,000 Cadets on post this summer, and safety as a number one priority, the need for a top-notch medical facility becomes a necessity. In one week this full- scale operation training and medical facility was built from the ground up in a parking lot using only tents and manpower to create the foundation for Cadet Summer Training medical support.

The Combat Support Hospital, or CSH, is a completely self- maintained, independent medical facility with more than 400 staff members spread across the training sites. The main base for the hospital consists of more than 20 tents run on generators with the capacity and ability to conduct a wide spread of medical procedures, everything from X-ray to physical therapy.

Maj. Kirk Giles, OIC of Primary Service, says so far the operation has been a huge success. “From 0500 to 1000 we have Cadet and Cadre coming in, we’re not going to turn anyone away, so we have a constant flow of patients. These Cadets are getting as good of medical care as they would at any other facility.”

The CSH is used primarily as a combat zone hospital, similar to any that would be used in a war zone, but here at Fort Knox, it is also used as a training facility for younger medical officers. With each Soldier assigned to a specialized job, each can perfect their technique on their work zone, from making glasses in Optometry to being an X-ray Technician.

The CSH also provides the medical tests required for each Cadet to progress in their chosen branch, such as eye exams for Airborne unit Cadets. The job is very hands-on, and requires the individual skills of each Soldier’s unique skills to make the CSH run seamlessly.

Cpt. Mark Medley, Commander of the 179 Medical Division, says the last two months have gone quite well, as it was set up for success from the get go. “We have all come together to provide patient care, but I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without each man’s support. We’re all proud to support and represent task force Med 21.”

Throughout Cadet Summer Training the CSH mission appears to be a success, from the support and care for Cadets and Cadre to those Soldiers training in the medical field, and with one month remaining, the mission is remaining strong.


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