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8th Regiment Advanced Camp Cadets (CLC) Reunite with Family

FORT KNOX, Ky.— Cadets from 8th Regiment, Advanced Camp, ended their 31-day training exercises with their families present at Waybur Theater August 5. For a majority of the Cadets, Advanced Camp is the only form of combat training many of them will receive all year.


Cdt. Trevor French hugs his mother, Tracy French, after being reunited after 31-days of training in Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Kate Hill

Family Day is an event Cadet Command schedules for Cadets and their families to celebrate the culmination of their arduous summer training. A cornerstone of military readiness is a strong family support system and ROTC ensures Cadets have ample time to partake in this necessary function, recognizing families and the role they play in successful training.

Before families are able to reunite with Cadets, they arrive at Waybur Theatre and are shown videos and photographs explaining what Cadet training looks like. Guest speaker, Col. Lance Oskey, gave a light-hearted and humorous speech, informing parents on the training their sons and daughters completed. After this speech, family members are allowed a question and answer session with the Cadre. Finally, they are able to be reunited with their Cadets.

2nd Lt. Zack Blevins, from Fort Rucker, Alabama, explained the purpose of family day and his experience when he was a Cadet in May of this year.


Col. Lance Oskey, Task Force Warrior Commander, speaks to Cadet’s families about the Cadet Summer Training (CST) experience during 8th Regiment Advanced Camp Family Day at Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Kate Hill

“It’s good for family and friends to have a military experience. They miss their Cadets. For me, family day was the best day out of the training. I missed my family and it was great to eat real food,” Blevins said.

Family Day is a welcomed reprieve in the sweltering, summer heat for the Cadets as they get to take a break from training, be with their families and celebrate successfully completing Cadet Summer Training.

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