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If you have general questions about Advanced Camp, please peruse the information posted on this website. If you can’t find the answer here, contact your Cadet. If you are unable to reach your Cadet, contact your Cadet’s ROTC battalion at the school he or she attends and ask the cadre. Finally, if you can’t find the information you need, contact us at

Maps, parking areas, and directions are available on the Visit Fort Knox page.

Cadet Summer Training (CST) Visitor Bureau
Phone: (502) 624-2804 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Live Streaming Channels
You can also follow our live streaming video channel. We’ll be using this platform during Advanced Camp this year so that family, friends, and fans can see what this training is all about. Check it out here: A schedule of coverage will be available soon.

To send mail to Cadets:

If you wish to write to your Cadet while he or she is at Fort Knox, please use the following mailing address:

Advanced Camp or Basic Camp – indicate which
REG/CO/PLTN (example 4/A/3—means 4th REGT, A Company, 3rd Platoon) *
FORT KNOX, KY 40121-3031

*the respective regiment, company, and platoon designator. If you don’t know this, just leave it blank.

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  • My son will be commissioning with the 8th Regiment. Because of work, I won’t be able to watch the live commissioning. Will there be a tape of this that I can review such as on Youtube? Thanks!

  • Mark,
    You should be able to watch the graduation on the U-stream page later that day. We do not post the live streams to YouTube but you can still access the live stream through the U-stream page for several weeks after graduation.

  • My fiance is in the 5th Regiment. I was hoping to surprise him and arrive on Thursday and stay for graduation on Friday. Would I be able to visit him Thursday? If special permission or paper work is needed, how do I make this happen? Am I able to attend graduation without a ticket/permission? Thank you for your time.

  • I have had mixed responses regarding care packages. Are they allowed? If so, what are the rules as far as what can be sent? Also for mailing purposes, is there a building number that we need to use?

    • Care packages can be sent to the Cadets with things like cookies, candy, and personal hygiene products. However, there is the possibility that the cadets will have to share these items with people in their platoon. Please note that care packages should not contain weapons of any kind, drugs, tobacco products, or alcohol. As for mailing, please reference the address given above.

      • I have been told not to send care packages unless it is enough to share with the whole plt. I didn’t hear this until after I had already sent one with things such as energy bars, jerky, etc. I only packed enough for one or two people. Is this true? Will he not receive these items? I will make sure to send cookies for the whole plt next time…

        • Kristen,
          It is just suggested that you send enough to share, so he will still receive the care package. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • I have sent several letters to a cadet but it seems as though he isn’t receiving any as well as a small package with his contacts and ear plugs. Is there any way to verify that he might have them?

    • Cadets are able to receive mail throughout the training. Please make sure you have all the right information to ensure that your Cadet will receive the mail. The letters should be address as follow:
      PO Box 339543
      JBLM, WA 98433-9543
      Mail boxes for outgoing mail are located throughout the Warrior Forge area. Please note that Cadets are out in the field for most of the time and have little time for leisure.This may limit when they receive mail, although it is distributed regularly.

  • In addition to the care packages comments, are the cadets allowed to save the food they receive or must they eat/ share everything on the spot?

    • It varies depending on the Regimental TAC Officer in charge. It is up to them to allow them to save the food or eat and share it on the spot.

    • Mail boxes for outgoing mail are located throughout the Warrior Forge area. Please note that Cadets are out in the field for most of the time and have little time for leisure.

    • Gina, it depends on the regiment and how your Cadet is traveling back to his home of record. If he is flying back he will need to get back to his regimental area for transport to his flight. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have time to be with him after graduation.

    • Sheri, we can’t guarantee or confirm that mail reaches Cadets. To find out Regiment, you can contact your Cadet’s ROTC battalion at the school he or she attends and ask the cadre.

  • It says to send enough to share with care packages, exactly how much is to share? My boyfriend is in the 4th Reg, B Company, 5th platoon. Thank You.

  • Thank you for so much information!! My boyfriend arrived yesterday and is in the 10th reg, A Co, 1st plt. I was planning on sending a care package with enough cookies for his PLT but he was told yesterday nothing but letters will be allowed. In his case is it better not to send anything since this is what he was told?

    • Kylie, care packages are allowed to be sent to Cadets. Whether or not you choose to send a care package is up to your discretion.

  • How is the APFT score achieved? I thought the sit-ups, push-ups, and two mile run had a maximum score of 100 points each. How do scores reach up to 400 plus? What am I missing?

  • Parents please read all other questions. You may find your answers. I have had several answered and no need to ask yet. It’s hard having our sons and daughters away but this is the path they have chosen. I cry a lot but keep looking for possible pics I know how to watch upstream for graduation and now waiting on a letter. Just like all of you are. 6000 young people are hard to keep track of.

  • My fiance is an end of camp commissionee and I was wondering if he was able to change his flight so that he can leave a couple days after commissioning. Does he have to come home on the flight that his school gave him since he will be a commissioned officer?

    • Your Cadet needs to check with his regimental cadre to see if they can initiate a change in the flight that his school gave him. Another option would be to contact your Cadet’s ROTC battalion at the school he or she attends and ask the cadre.

  • The address I sent my care package to was Ft. Lewis, WA, not JBLM. Will my daughter still get her package. The rest of the address was correct.

    • Jacqueline, we can’t guarantee or confirm that mail reaches Cadets. In the future, make sure to use the following format:
      Cadet Lastname, Firstname
      Warrior Forge xPLT, xCo, xRegt
      PO Box 339543, JBLM, WA 98433

  • I’m having trouble accessing the warrior forge website on wordpress. It says it’s private &won’t let me sign in. I was able to access it A couple days ago but now I can’t. I’m not sure why I’m being locked out. my son is heading to LDAC on July 4th And I want to be able to be sure to have access by then. What do I need to do?

    • MaryAnn,
      That’s because you are trying to access the 2012 LDAC website. We made it private because Cadets’ families were learning incorrect information. It seems you’ve found the LDAC 2013 website, as you are commenting on this page. Here is the link to the homepage:

  • I left off the words Warrior Forge on all mail & packages that I’ve sent so far. Everything else is correct. Will the cadet receive the mail without the “Warrior Forge” on it? Thanks & I will make the correction.

    • Lorayne, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee or confirm that mail reaches Cadets. In the future, make sure to use the following format:
      Cadet Lastname, Firstname
      Warrior Forge xPLT, xCo, xRegt
      PO Box 339543, JBLM, WA 98433

  • Hello!
    I have a quick clarification for my brother’s graduation ceremony. He is in the 7th regiment. On the paper his school gave us it said the graduation ways Sunday July 21 but on the website it says July 23. What is the correct date and time?

  • Hi! I have some doubts concerning care packages. I want to send one to my boyfriend. I know he is on the 11th regiment, but I have no idea of his company or platoon. Is that a problem?
    If it is, is there anywhere I can find those information?

    • We cannot ensure that mail will get to Cadets. It would be best to send mail with complete address information. Contact your Cadet’s ROTC battalion at the school he or she attends and ask the cadre to learn company and platoon.

  • My son ROTC program made his travel plans in a way he will miss graduation day. This is the spotlight of a parent like me. I already bought my plane tickets. Can you help me plz? His travel plans are at 11am on Thu 11Jul 13.

    • To address an issue with the way travel was set-up, you need to contact your Cadet’s ROTC battalion at the school he or she attends and ask the cadre.

  • What is the cut off date to send mail to cadets? I had sent a package July 3rd, hoping he would receive it today. Could the package potentially be thrown out?

  • Thank you. I even invited WA State Congressman Reichert who nominated my son 3yrs ago to West Point. I let him know that his nominee, Cadet Chris Brownstead, was graduating from LDAC on 11 Jul 13. How disappointing for us, his family and how embarrassing to let the Congressman know that Cadet Brownstead wont be allowed to be in his own graduation. I will contact TSU ROTC Cadre on Monday. Hopefully they can help me.

    • Yes, issues like these should be directed toward your son’s ROTC battalion. Although we cannot help with this specific issue, please let us know if there is any other information you need.

  • We just got the help we needed. HOAH! I cant wait to see my son graduate on Thu. Thank you to your OIC CDR & staff for assisting us and making our day. ARMY Pride!

  • Let’s see those 6th Regiment APFT scores or even a few photo’s would be nice. I think their best scores were in the 370 range.

  • HOAH! i also invited andnotified Congressman Reichert thatt Christopher Brownstead, whom he selected trough Congressional Nomination to West Point in 2010 will graduate from LDAC on 11 Jul 13. ARMY Pride!!! Thank youuuu…..

  • I will call his office and inquire about it on Monday. If I get a reply from his staff, I would definitely let you know. Congressman Reichert is a big supporter of the Military and screens attentively and carefully his nominees. At the Congressional Nomination Reception, Congressman Reichert told nominees and their family members to keep him updated on the nominees’s achievements and thats what I just did. LDAC Rules!!

  • Where can I find the 3rd Regiment top APFT scores? My son was not in the shout outs – I’m not surprised he declined – is there any place I would find pictures of the 3rd Regiment? Thank You!

  • As of right now, Congressman Reichert cannot attend the LDAC graduation because he is in WA DC. However, his office will give me a call later to let me know if Congressman Reichert will send one of his staff instead of him to represent him. HOAH!!!

  • This went unanswered in an earlier post and I have the same question.
    My son texted his address as “Warrior Forge:13/A/4/1”. How does this fit in the “X Regt, X Company, X Platoon” format?
    BTW . . . 50 men and women in a platoon? I’d best get to baking!!!

  • Congressman Reichert’s office needs more information. How long does graduation ceremony last? When do they need to arrive? 9am? Do they need special pass? Will it be in Ft Lewis or N Ft Lewis? I am clueless. If you want to give a call to Josh, who is handling the arrangements, He can be reached at the office of Congressman Reichert @425-677-7414. Thank you

    • The graduation ceremony will occur on Fort Lewis Main, Watkins Field, at 9 a.m. Due to possible heavy graduation traffic, it is suggested that attendees arrive 40 minutes early. To access the base, guests can obtain a single-day pass at the Lewis Main Visitor Center – all that is needed to obtain a day-pass is valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and current vehicle registration.

  • Hey, My boyfriend is in 2nd regiment and I know they are graduating this week. I was wondering when they get their phones back? Please let me know. Thanks.

  • The address that I was given by my boyfriend is all the same as the address above, but instead of the PO Box 339543, he has “Bldg. 11 D 7” should I continue to use this address or use the address with the PO Box number in it?

    • Lisa,

      Please continue to send your mail to the address we have provided. This is the address we were told to provide to the friends and family of Cadets. Let us know if there is an issue with delivery and we will look into it for you.

  • Lets say that I was putting the all the right information, just in the wrong order. As well as Bldg 11D7 instead of PObox. And I left the company blank because it was the only thing not given to me. I’ve been sending letters but would they not get to him if I have this stuff put on there in the wrong order or without the company number?

    • If he failed his APFT test then he will have to retake it at his school when he gets home. He will get the opportunity to continue through LDAC.

    • Huong,

      We advise all family members to send mail anytime up until a week before Cadets are scheduled to Graduate in order to ensure Cadets will receive it.
      Your Cadet should still receive the package, for it was sent over a week before graduation.

    • Cadets do not have access to the PX during their time at LDAC. You are welcome to send supplies that your Cadet may need. Please note that care packages should not contain weapons of any kind, drugs, tobacco products, or alcohol.

  • Great! Thanks so much for the info. Was mosquito repellent on their packing list? I know it usually is. I read that they are really bad out there right now. I wanted to be sure he is protected.

  • Hi there!
    We’d like to ask do you have more pictures of the 7th regiment? Not too many as others…((( Your attention for this question will be appreciate.

  • Question…. I am going to my daughter’s graduation Friday the 19th and I lost my driver licence but have my USA passport. Would it be a valid photo ID to enter the Base?

  • My name is Tyson Hutton I was the Honor Graduate for 2nd Reg. After graduation I went to the awards table to pick up my plaque and saber and was told by a member of the graduation cadre that they were not sure if I was supposed to take the actual saber. The cadre member went and asked and returned saying that the saber was going to be mailed to me. I just want to verify that this is in fact the case, and find out when I should expect the saber to arrive

    • This is a question that should be directed to the administration or regimental cadre. To get in touch with regimental cadre, contact the Warrior Forge Talk, which is the main information center for the the course. You can use either of the following numbers:
      (253) 967-5617
      (253) 967-1767

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